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Name: TalkBox
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The TalkBox is an acoustic signal generator for speech intelligibility measurements in evacuation and announcement systems, as well as for level alignment of teleconference or other audio systems. It allows performing the complete end-to-end evaluation of the speech intelligibility STIPA from the talker?s microphone to the listener?s ears.

The TalkBox simulates a human talker (60 dBA @ 1 meter according to IEC 60268-16) with the STIPA test signal and spoken messages. Further it provides a wide range of test signals like sine, pink noise, white noise and delay.

The TalkBox features human head-like dimensions and is based on a solid-state-generator. It replays the STIPA test signal at the precisely equalized frequency response, also ensuring best performance through the internal amplifier and the precision loudspeaker. A variety of supplied or user-defined test signals may be precisely output for different alignment applications.


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