WELL Sound Testing

WELL Sound Testing

WELL Sound Testing


NTi Audio's XL2 is used by WELL Performance Testing Agent who conducts performance tests of sound.
The standard, recommended configuration is
Item Number Description#191118B1 Unit Price Quantity Ext. Price
600 000 355 XL2 + M2230 XL2 Analyzer with M2230 Microphone $3,190.00 1 $3,190.00
600 000 339 XL2 Extended Acoustic Pack  $699.00 1 $699.00
600 000 376 XL2 Spectral Limits Option  $750.00 1 $750.00
600 000 388 Precision Calibrator 94/114dB class 1 calibrator  for 1/2" Measurement Microphones incl. calibration certificate $625.00 1 $625.00
600 000 507B DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker + PA3 Bundle: omni-directional sound source incl. 5m cable and softbag, PA3 Power Amplifier/Signal Generator, Tripod for DS3 $5,495.00 1 $5,495.00
      Total $10,759.00

Below is table detailing the different tests.
Please contact NTi Audio for the current version of the XL2 Profiles for WELL Performance Testing




Measuring Time


Exterior Noise Intrusion

WELL v1: Feature 74, Part 1

Leq, A-weighted

30 seconds

Ext Noise F74-P1

Internally Generated Noise (NC or NR)

WELL v1: Feature 75, Part 2

Octave L90 (31.5-4k Hz or 63-8k Hz), A-weighted

30 seconds

Int Gen Noise F75-P2

Disruptive Noise Limitation

WELL v1: Feature 75, Part 7

Leq, A-weighted

30 seconds

Dis Noise F75-P7

Background Noise Levels

WELL v2: Feature S02

Leq, A- and C-weighted
Lmax, A- and C-weighted

5 minutes

Back Noise F-S02

Sound Masking

WELL v1: Feature 79, Part 2
WELL v2: Feature S05, Part 1

L90, A-weighted

30 seconds

Sound Mask F-S05 P1

Speech Privacy Potential (SPP), Noise Isolation Class (NIC) and Sound Insulation (Dw)

WELL v2: Feature S03, Part 1

NIC Source: 1/3-octave L10 (125-4k Hz)
NIC Receive: 1/3-octave L90 (125-4k Hz)
NIC Ambient: 1/3-octave L90 (125-4k Hz)

30 seconds

NIC Source: SPP Source F-S03 P1
NIC Receive: SPP Rec F-S03 P1
NIC Ambient: SPP Amb F-S03 P1

Reverberation Time (RT60)
WELL v1: Feature 78, Parts 1 and 2
WELL v2: Feature S04, Part 1
RT60 (500 - 1k Hz) 3 x ~10 seconds Rev Time RT60 F-S04