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The XL2 has various firmware options that can be optionally installed and a bunch of accessories available. Select the right items by using this bundle creator. It guides you through the selection process.   

Create your XL2 Analyzer bundle

Create your XL2 Analyzer bundle
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The XL2 Analyzer forms the unique combination of a state-of-the-art Sound Level Meter, a comprehensive Acoustic Analyzer as well as a powerful Audio Analyzer. A range of measurement microphones with an electronic data sheet are available to suit your requirements.

Besides being an advanced, integrating Sound Level Meter, the XL2 measures broadband and fractional octave SPL via its SPL/RTA.  Also FFT high-resolution spectra, RT60 Reverberation Time, Polarity, Delay and THD+N and a scope mode. Optional features are speech intelligibility STIPA; extended acoustics functions; Noise Curves and Pass/Fail analysis with the Spectral Limits option; cinema calibration; and remote measurement acquisition. The Type Approval Option upgrades the instrument to the XL2-TA, a European type approved sound level meter and required accessories. For regulated measurements in North & South America, we recommend purchase of the standard XL2 + M2230 with added individual calibration certificates, rather than the Type Acceptance option.

The XL2 requires a microphone for acoustical measurements. Please select your microphone::
Please below select the firmware options you require. You may select any combination from no options to all options:

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